Lewis H. Marshall Award

IMG_2125History of Lewis Marshall

Lewis Marshall was the Secretary/Treasurer of West Goshen Township.  He was also the Secretary/Treasurer of the Chester County Association of Township Officials (originally the Chester County Association of Township Supervisors), and a member of the Executive Committee of the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors.

First Award Presentation

CCATO approved the Lewis H. Marshall Award in or around 1972.  Mr. Marshall was alive when the decision was made for the award, but not in good health.  He passed away before the first award was made; his son and daughter made the presentation when they were home for his memorial service.  The first award presentation was held at the library of what was then known as West Chester College.

Lewis H. Marshall Subcommittee

The CCATO board established a Lewis H. Marshall subcommittee, comprised of members of the Executive Board of CCATO, a former awardee of the award, and a faculty representative of West Chester University.  This award is presented annually to a student of West Chester University to honor the legacy of Mr. Marshall. 

Past Award Honorees

  • 2023 Honoree: Lindsey Beacher, West Chester University- Environment and Conservation
  • 2022 Honoree: Patricia Quinn, West Chester University- Urban/Environmental Planning
  • 2021 Honoree: Not award due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • 2020 Honoree: Gabrielle Long, West Chester University - Geography/Planning
  • 2019 Honoree: Thomas Lewis, West Chester University - Political Science
  • 2018 Honoree: Nicholas Sapone, West Chester University - Geography/Planning  
  • 2017 Honoree: Nolan McGuire, West Chester University - Geography/Planning
  • 2016 Honoree: Josh Marcinik, West Chester University - Geography/Planning
  • 2015 Honoree: Jeffrey T. Griffiths, West Chester University - Geography/Planning
  • 2014 Honoree: Madeline Schueren, West Chester University - Geography/Planning
  • 2013 Honoree: Nicholas Ferenchak, West Chester University - Geography/Planning
  • 2012 Honoree: Travis Shaw, West Chester University - Geography/Planning
  • 2011 Honoree: Heather Ruh, West Chester University - Geography/Planning
  • 2010 Honoree: Clara Archibald, West Chester University - Criminal Justice
  • 2009 Honoree: Steve Cummings, West Chester University - Geography/Planning
  • 2008 Honoree: Chris Bashore, West Chester University - Political Science
  • 2007 Honoree: Robert van Osten, West Chester University - Geography/Planning