Committees - 2021

Committees without a count are open for all municipal officials and teaming partners. For more information email the CCATO President.

Audit (3), Email

  • Jon Altshul, Westtown Township, Manager

Communications, Email 

  • Mark Freed, CCATO Executive Board, Tredyffrin Township, Committee Chair
  • Ernie Holling, Executive Director CCATO
  • Freddy Lutz, Pennbid
  • G. Matthew Brown P.E. DEE, ARRO Group
  • Patrick McKenna, Gawthrop Greenwood, Managing Partner
  • Christopher Butchkoski, Secretary, CCATO

Education, Email

  • Carol De Wolf, Natural Lands Trust
  •  Isaac Thomas, Francis Hall Insurance
  •  Amanda Sundquist, Unruh Turner Burke & Frees, Attorney

Legislative, Email

  • Charles Fleischmann, Upper Oxford Township, Supervisor
  • Richard Hicks, CCATO Past President, East Marlborough Township

Lewis H. Marshall Award (3), Email

  • Dorothy Ives-Dewey, West Chester University
  • Terry Woodman, East Whiteland Township, Manager

Nominating (3), Email

  • Vince Pompo, East Bradford Township, Supervisor

Resolutions (7), Email

  • Charles Fleischmann, Upper Oxford Township, Supervisor
  • Richard Hicks, CCATO Past President, Kennett Township

Volunteer First Responder Liaison, Email

  • Mark Freed, Esq. CCATO Executive Board, Tredyffrin Township, Supervisor
  • Ernie Holling, CCATO Executive Director, West Pikeland Township
  • John Nagel, East Whiteland Township, Manager
  • Scott Rugen, Upper Oxford Township, Supervisors
  • Isaac Thomas, Francis Hall Insurance
  • Robert Weer, London Grove Township, Assistant Township Manager, Fire Marshal

Liaison, Email

  • Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry – Ernie Holling
  • Chester County Department of Emergency Services – Ernie Holling
  • Chester County Energy and Environmental Advisory Board -- Carol DeWolf
  • Chester County Parks & Recreation – Carol De Wolf
  • Chester County Planning Commission – (Vacant)
  • Chester County Water Resources – Barbara D’Angelo, CCATO Executive Board, Wallace Township

Affiliate Member Council, Email

  • Dan Daley - Edward B. Walsh & Associates, Inc., Committee Chair
  • Freddy Lutz - PennBid

(#) indicates bylaws required members. Ad Hoc committees have no set membership